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2012 African American Literary Awards Show

Peace In The Storm Authors Pamela D. Rice, Lorraine Elzia, Sharel E. Gordon-Love, Ebonee Monique and Elissa Gabrielle at the 2012 African American Literary Awards Show. Pamela was nominated for THE MONDAY NIGHT MISTRESS, Lorraine and Elissa were both nominated for THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT in various categories. Stacy Deanne nominated for THE SEASON OF SIN. Six nominations total for Peace In The Storm Publishing!

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Friday, September 28, 2012



Stop making your self-worth conditional on other people. No one, and I mean absolutely no one has the power to devalue your existence. You can not be moved by another person's thoughts about you, good or bad. You're going to encounter people who’ll try to reduce your worth – because they lack equivalent worth and can only elevate their self-esteem by belittling you. It cou
ld be because they regret the choices they made in their own lives and want to inflict that regret on you. Or, they could be counting your blessings instead of recognizing their own. Perhaps they feel you are not deserving of anything good that has come your way.

To hell with them...

We may not deserve salvation, but grace and mercy allows it. In the same spirit, don't believe the hype when others try to tell you what you do and do not deserve, what you have and have not earned, in their eyes. Self-worth requires that you learn to listen to and rely upon your own feelings and not automatically respond to the feelings of other people. Our worthiness is a given, because He says so. Moral of the Story: Keep your head to the sky, because you are worthy and yes, you deserve all of the blessings coming your way.

You Feel Me?
~Elissa Gabrielle
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Thursday, September 27, 2012


"Liberation is a beautiful thing when embarking on the glorious moment when the truth about someone is revealed to you, in bold and vibrant color and you have the courage, with wide-open eyes to see reality more vividly, and the wisdom to act accordingly." ~Elissa Gabrielle

I'm so there at this very moment in time...

Work on the person you want to remember...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Who's going to stop you?

I've come to learn that the Truth will set you free, but not before it pisses you the hell off. However, after you've embraced your own life's truth, there's something beautiful in store. I'm a witness.

One of the most courageous things you can do is look in the mirror, identify yourself for yourself, and love the person who stares back at you. You'll be liberated from your own fears, and empowered in a way you didn't think was possible.

And, after you walk in that truth, have fully identified and accepted who you are and Whose you are, the question isn't who is going to let you, it will be who is going to stop you.

Feel the exhilaration of victory and the liberation of self-love with me...

All of my Empowered Warriors and warriors in the making,
Stand Up!


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We teach people how to treat us so we must be mindful of the lessons we're giving.

We teach people how to treat us so we must be mindful of the lessons we're giving.
~Elissa Gabrielle

from the life lessons vault


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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Best is Yet to Come by Lorraine Elzia...

There’s an old saying, “Just when the caterpillar thought that the world was over, it became a butterfly.”  I can’t help but smile every time I visualize that.  Life has a way of reminding us to never quit, never give in, and never limit our own possibilities and dreams.  What we see in ourselves and what we see in others is always a work in progress. The only difference is the material and integrity used to accomplish the task at hand.

Much like each of you, from time to time I have to take inventory of my life, my actions and the path on which I choose to sashay and stroll.  Not just in my literary journey, but in my walk as a Wo-man; a Hu-man. Self-reflection, while hard to do, is a much needed pill to swallow for us all.  Life is ever evolving; that which was old is made new again, but what is more important is the way we use the gifts we have been given in order to shine into that which we were created to become.  There is a place that lives within us all. It is a place of vision and clarity, where the rhythm of life moves in harmony with a higher consciousness. It’s important for us to recognize our blessings, but also to say thanks in a manner that gives credit where credit is due.  The trouble with “self-made” men is that they tend to worship their creator.  As we say goodbye to Summer and prepare to embrace Fall, let us remember that we are not “self-made” and as we spread our wings in the manner we were created to do, let’s do it in a manner according to God’s design and not our own.
Every road has its ups and downs; its smooth spots and its potholes.  Some travel that road by letting go of principle in search of glitz, glamour and gold.  I prefer the road of hard work, perseverance and excellence.  The smell of that is much sweeter to me. I guess that is why Peace In The Storm is my home.  We have a higher expectation of life here at Peace In The Storm Publishing than the caterpillar had because we know that the world is not over and we are just beginning; we also know a blessing when we see one, and we not only believe in miracles, but we rely on them because we know the best is yet to come. 
Peace, Love and Smooches
Lorraine Elzia

Only a fool fights for what already belongs to him...

Only a fool fights for what already belongs to him...The Truth. Once you realize that you own it, you have power you never realized. I have learned to walk my own path in life, to acknowledge, absorb and digest my own truth, because I deserve it. In that same truthful and honest breath, you must walk a path that is different from the one you were told to walk by others, so that you can live the life you want to be remembered by.

Living the life someone else wants you to and adhering to the wishes of others over your life is not an option. Convention tells us to simply follow directions and take the path of the least amount of risk, but that won't allow you to be the wonderfully-unique soul you are meant to be. Essential truth is not about ironclad laws, but about living fully and honestly in every moment.

Everyday, I make an effort to live the life of my dreams; to leave footprints I want to be remembered by. It's my Truth - I Own It. Now's the time to live your life like you mean it.

Won't you join me?
~Elissa Gabrielle
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Monday, September 24, 2012

Don't step away from your own greatness just to fit in...

Someone needs to hear this...

Stop playing your life small. Playing down your own strengths. You can't hide in your own shadows so others will feel better about their own lives. We all know that everyone has a story, and if you're shining, somewhere along the way, there may have been a dark and gloomy place that you resided in, where your heart took residence.

When you dim your light, you're really dishonoring how far you've come in life. Your job is not to worry if others will feel dark in your shadow.

Don't step away from your own greatness just to fit in. When you step into your greatness, allow your light to shine, you finally feel the lightness of flight, the freedom of liberation, the exhilaration of victory, rather than the burden of the weight of diminishing your brilliance.

Sort of like when you wear those too-tight in the first place jeans, when you finally take them off and fling them to the high heavens...

Within your vulnerability lies your greatness strength and sometimes it is in your failures, stumbles and falls where the greatness lies.

The light comes from the divine and that is ultimately what's shining through. Humble accept it, walk in it, bask in the glory...its yours and you can't dim that for anyone.

~from the life lessons vault~

~Elissa Gabrielle

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Overcoming Bad Habits by Jacqueline D. Moore

Remember, Bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into, but hard to get out of. ~ Anonymous

Thus they bring judgment on themselves, because they have broken their first pledge. Besides, they get into the habit of being idle and going about from house to house. And not only do they become idlers, but also gossips and busybodies, saying things they ought not to. 1 Timothy 5:12-14 (New International Version)

Recently, a friend forwarded to me an article entitled, “Things Women do to each Other.” It was an article that listed the most common offences that women perpetrated against one another. It talked about gossiping, fighting for men, joining cliques, undermining each other, competing against one another and a few more offences.

I found the article very interesting on many levels. As I sat there reading this piece, I could see women in my life that fit into these roles. You know them too. They are the office gossips, your girlfriends who want to confront the “other woman” for sleeping with her man, or even the usher board that you belong to has become cliquish. I can truthfully say that I may have fit into one or two of these categories myself.

Today I will pick on the gossiper since I too have been one of those who talked about others behind their backs. Gossiping is an easy habit to develop. Usually, our curiosity will get the best of us as soon as someone asks, “did you hear about….. Our ears perk up and we become overwhelmed with the desire to know someone else’s little secret.

Then one day it hit me. If I am listening to someone else talking about another’s little secret, whose to say that the office gossiper, isn’t repeating my little secret? Or, if I am a part of or member of any group that omits another because, well, they just don’t like them, I too am guilty of becoming cliquish.

Saints of God, far too often we fall into these traps of wrong behavior because we need to feel as though we belong, or our own lives are so mundane that we enjoy hearing about the misfortunes of others. We then develop the illusion of feeling better about ourselves. And before we know it, these things have developed into bad habits.

Today I would like to remind you that it takes a very strong person to overcome these bad habits and His name is Jesus. If you truly believe that He abides in you, then overcoming these bad habits ain’t so hard. All you have to do is ask for His help.

And remember, Watch your Thoughts, they become words.Watch your words, they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your Habits, they become character. Watch your Character, for it becomes your Destiny.

Be Blessed

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." Father, we thank You for the light that was given unto us so that we may never walk in darkness. We come once again, seeking Your face and Your favor. Hear our prayers and lend ear to our petitions. Lord, today is a new day. May something that I say or do cause someone else to seek You first. Father God, help me to see the dark places of my life. To let go of those things that are not of You and to live a more Christ like existence. Continue to keep or family, friends and loved ones in perfect peace. Touch our brothers and sisters who have asked for prayer. Guide us once again through the valley, keeping us once again safe in Your Arms. Thank You Lord, for a new day full of new hope and promises. We love You Lord, because You loved us enough to sacrifice Your Son for our sake. Thank You Lord. In the name of Jesus we Pray. Amen.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mustard Seed Faith by Jacqueline D. Moore

Remember, Faith means being grasped by a power that is greater than we are, a power that shakes us and turns us, and transforms and heals us. Surrender to the power of faith. ~ Paul Tillich

Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope (faith) is in the Lord his God. Psalm 146:5

Saints, how often to you say; I hope that I get; I hope I can; I hope that happens? Now, how often do you say I have faith that I will get; I have faith that I will; I have faith that this will happen?

Too often we believe that if we hope hard enough for something that it will come to pass. God's word says that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong. If ye have the faith of a mustard seed and say to the mountain, be ye removed......

Saints, if you believe that God can do anything but fail. If you believe he is that he says he is. If you believe that you have been given all power through Christ Jesus, then learn to move from hope and into faith.

Faith is a knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach of proof. And we can do any and everything with faith.

Be Blessed

Thank You Jesus, that faith is not an emotion that I need to work up inside of me. Instead, it is a gift You give to me as I commit myself to You. Help each of us to grow in faith. Father, sometimes we become discouraged because things do not happen the way we hoped that they would. Help us to learn to be patient and not count on hope but to stand on our faith and know that in Your time, the things that You want for our lives will come to pass. Father, You have said that if we have the faith of a mustard seed and say to that mountain, that thing that stand in our way, be it sickness, poverty, bills, wayward children, cheating spouses, it will be cast into the sea. Father, we come believing that You will grant us the desires of our hearts according to thy tender mercies and through the blood of Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray. Amen.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Giving Your Soul A Rise by Jacqueline D. Moore

Each Warrior wants to leave the mark of his will, his signature, on important acts he touches. This is not the voice of ego but of the human spirit, rising up and declaring that it has something to contribute to the solution of the hardest problems, no matter how vexing! ~ Pat Riley

He shall say: "Hear, O Israel, today you are going into battle against your enemies. Do not be fainthearted or afraid; do not be terrified or give way to panic before them. For the LORD your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory. Deuteronomy 20:3-5 (New International Version)

Today I want to talk about warriors. Warriors are those people who go out and confront situations that exist that will not be easy to overcome. They will be met opposition, naysayers and people just waiting for them to fail. Yes, even those who are closest to them will often try to sabotage their efforts by interjecting a spirit of doubt. Yet, these warriors will fight against the odds and continue into battle to fight the good fight of faith.

I happen to have been blessed with several friends who are warriors. Angela and Cynthia battled cancer. Rhonda went back to school to get her masters and is now an assistant principle. I know several warriors who are single parents whose children didn’t become statistics or fall through the cracks. I know several children who didn’t have their fathers in their lives who still have achieved great success. Elissa, started a publishing company and helped eleven other authors achieve their dreams. Saints of God, you too can be a warrior.

The word of God reminds us that no matter what giants may be against us, the Lord our God is with us. Just as David had mustard seed faith as he faced Goliath, so should we all. The giants of depression, fear, poverty, and loneliness don’t stand a chance when God is on your side. That mountainous goal you have before you can be achieved when you lift up the shield of faith and the sword of the spirit, the word of God.

The word of God can give your soul a rise, when you put on the whole armor of God and always remember, you too can be a warrior!

Be Blessed

Lord, as we face another day, we come kneeling before the throne of grace to say thank you Lord. Thank you for one more day. Father, many of your children are under a multitude of attacks during this holiest of seasons. Father, we ask that you would keep us safe and secure in your arms. Lord, someone cannot put into words the heaviness of the burdens they must carry. Have Mercy Lord. Some mother or father is grieving this morning because they cannot save their child. Have mercy Lord. Someone feels so overwhelmed that they cannot function right now. Have mercy. We come pleading the blood of Jesus over these situations. We come thanking you Lord, for loving us anyhow. Lord, give us eyes to see and ears to hear your word and the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit. Father, help us to be diligent and aware of the tricks of he who seeks to destroy us. Help us to remember to put on the whole armor of God as we enter into another day fought with he who wants our souls. Our souls that have been bought with a price. That price was Jesus. Wonderful Counselor. Jesus, Prince of Peace. Jesus, my Rock and my Strength. Jesus, who is my redeemer. Thank you Lord, for Jesus Christ, my intercessor. Jesus, who allows us to come to the throne of grace with our prayers and petitions. Thank you Jesus, Amen.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Reality Check by Jacqueline D. Moore

Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away. ~Philip K. Dick

They said to the woman, "We no longer believe just because of what you said; now we have heard for ourselves, and we know that this man really is the Savior of the world. John 4:42 (New International Version)

People will often pose the question, “Is Jesus Real?” Personally, I know there have been times in my life when I actually doubted His existence. I mean, how could God have a son, who died on the cross so that I could be saved? I mean, if Jesus, or God for that matter is real, why are things in my life always going wrong?

If God is so loving and Jesus is so forgiving, why am I faced with death and destruction? Why are children being hurt or even killed? Why did my family breakup, why did I lose my job, why doesn’t he/she love me anymore? Why is life so hard?

Saints of God, things will happen in your life that may cause you to doubt if God really is a loving God. People do such horrible things to one another that will cause us to ponder the question, how can Jesus forgive him/her for what they did?

But now I have a question for you? Are you doing exactly what God wants you to do? By that I mean are we living the life of a Christian? Following His commandments, doing God’s, will, living a sin free life? Most of us will answer yes, I am. But I challenge you to do a reality check of your life.

Often times we will do things in our lives that are contrary to God’s teachings. Because we have decided to live our lives on our own terms, we may actually be living them outside of God’s will. By that I mean; we see our lives through our own imaginations. We see our lives in the way we want them to be and not necessarily the way they truly are.

I won’t get into a lot of details but will only say; only you know in your heart those things that you do, and if how you are living is contrary to the word of God. Only you know your secrets and your sins that dishonor your belief system.

You and only you are the defining factor of your Reality Check.

Be Blessed

Lord, help me to see my life through the eyes of Christ and not through my own mind’s eye. Search me Lord, and reveal the things in my life that are not pleasing to you. Father God, forgive me for sometimes blaming others for my own shortcomings. Help me Lord, to be a better person and to learn to do Your will and not my own. Father God, every now and then I need to take inventory of my life and come before the altar of sacrificing to recommit myself to You and Your will. Today is that day. Lord, I ask that You would forgive me and strengthen me so that I may go forth and live a more righteous life. Thank You Father for new revelations and for fresh grace and mercy. Thank You Jesus, for the forgiveness of my sins and for redemption. Thank You God for the Blood of the Lamb, Christ Jesus. It is in His name we submit this prayer. Amen.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cultivating Friendships by Jacqueline D. Moore

How rare and wonderful is that flash of a moment when we realize we have discovered a friend. ~ William Rostler

If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up! Ecclesiastes 4:10

Saints, what kind of friend are you? Are you the type of friend who is there for someone else? Are you the kind of friend who listens without judging? Are you there when someone needs a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, or just someone to keep a sick friend company?

Would you give a friend your last dollar, share your last slice of bread, or offer a place to stay when your friend needs one? Are you the type of friend who would help another even if it is a big inconvenience?

What type of friends do you have in your life? Are they only there for what they can get? Are they there for prestige, to use you? Are they your friend for all the wrong reasons?

I am here to tell you that personally, I have a great group of friends. I don't expect my friends to be there all the time and do everything that I ask. But that doesn't mean we aren't still friends. My friends and I don't always agree about everything, but we know that we can depend on each other when we need to.

However, I know I have a friend who will never leave me nor forsake me. Have you met him yet? If not, you need to.

Be Blessed

Father, we come kneeling before the throne of grace to give thanks to You for the friends, our angels, that You have placed in our lives. Thank You for allowing me to be a friend to others. But most of all, thank You for the greatest friend of all, Jesus Christ. Lord, continue to heal our sick, comfort those who are struggling and protect us when we stray. Touch Your saints who are going through right now. Satan is still busy and would love to see each of us fail. So many are going through there own personal trials, but we know that You are still the judge who settles all matters for our good. Keep us all in perfect peace, Amen.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

God's Amazing Grace by Jacqueline D. Moore

I do not understand the mystery of grace--only that it meets us where we are, but does not leave us where it found us. ~ Anne Lamott

Scripture:to the praise of his glorious grace, which he has freely given us in the One he loves. In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace that he lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding. Ephesians 1:6-8 (New International Version)

As I sit here, contemplating the follies of my past, I become consciously aware of the power of God’s amazing grace. Grace protected me when I found myself in places that I shouldn’t have been. Grace covered me when I did things that I shouldn’t have done. Grace was with me when I found myself lost in a far country.

I recognize and realize that I have made some pretty bad choices in my life. But if it had not been for the grace of God, where would I be? I could be lost in a world of degradation, humiliation, and complication. I could have been an unwed mother, junkie living for my next fix, or worst of all, the pawn of satan. The various scenarios of where I could be apposed to where I am, are limitless.

You see, no matter how bad we are, where our lives may be headed, the things we have done or said; God’s grace has unlimited reaching power. When you fall down into the very depths of life’s misery, God’s grace has the ability to reach down, right where you have landed and lift you up. No matter how alone you may feel, God’s grace has the ability to cover you in the comfort and warmth that can only be found in the arms of God Himself.

There is something special about God’s grace. May God’s grace find you wherever you may be.

Be Blessed

But for the grace of God, go I. Lord, thank You for Your grace and Your mercy. Thank You Lord, for reaching out and saving a sinner like me. Forgive me Lord, for all the wrong that I have done. Your word tells me that when I have asked for forgiveness, You grant it because You are a God of a second chance. Lord, I thank You for granting me a new beginning with the dawning of each day. May Your loving grace rest, rule and abide within my life each and every day. May goodness, mercy and traveling grace go with each and every one of my brothers and sisters sharing in this prayer. May Your tender mercies continue to rain down upon each of us as we continue to build upon our relationship with You. Thank You Father. Thank You Jesus. It is in Your name that we pray. Amen.

Monday, September 10, 2012

God Has Not Forgot by Jacqueline D. Moore

Remember, don’t put a question mark where God puts a period.

This is what the LORD says— he who made you, who formed you in the womb, and who will help you: Do not be afraid, O Jacob, my servant, Jeshurun, whom I have chosen. For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring, and my blessing on your descendants. They will spring up like grass in a meadow, like poplar trees by flowing streams. Isaiah 44:2-4 (New International Version)

Saints, I know that most of you are saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit. I know that most of you put God first in all that you do and say. I know that most of you don't get upset, flustered or anxious because God is always right next to you helping you to make it through your situation. I know that most of you have no complaints because you have already turned them over to God. Or do you?

Saints of God, each and every one of us has at some point in our lives felt hopelessness, despair, anxiety, scared and all alone. Every one of us has felt that we couldn't handle whatever our situation was at that time. Every one of us has felt so far away from God that we couldn't even remember who it was we were supposed to be calling on.

Periodically, I have to remind myself to stop worrying about a situation. Sometimes I have to remember that when I turn my problems over to God and LEAVE them at the alter, not to turn right around and pick them back up. Sometimes I have to reach deep down inside of myself and remember to call on the name of Jesus. Every now and then, I have to force myself to get down on my knees and pray; even when I don't feel like it. Every now and then I have to ask God to forgive me for not trusting him in the midst of my situation.

Every now and then I have to ask God to forgive me for forgetting about him, especially when I know that he has not forgotten about me.

Be Blessed

Father, You are the creator of all things. You called forth the planets with a word, and established the stars with the sound of Your voice. You have authority over all the resources of the universe, and You have promised to meet all of our needs. We come before Your throne of provision right now. You know our needs, and the challenges that we are faced with. Lord, we ask that You would release a mighty blessing upon us and demonstrate Your enormous generosity, by providing above and beyond all that they could hope or imagine right now. Guard our hearts from anxiety and fear. Fill us with Your Holy Spirit and cause faith to rise up within us. Enable us to stand firm in the midst of uncertainty, and bring forth a mighty victory. Help us to establish another testimony of Your goodness, that those who hear of it might glorify Your name. No weapon formed against us can prosper because not only have You given us our whole armor, we come pleading the blood of Jesus over our situations and into our circumstances. We rebuke satan and ask that You would not only give us a spirit of discernment but that You would help us to see things with our spiritual eyes. Continue to bless each family that is represented here. Prosper all who have come seeking Your face. Grant us fresh grace and mercy, as we pause to give You all praise, honor and glory. We pray in Jesus mighty name, Amen!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Embracing God's Gift by Jacqueline D. Moore

Remember, Don't let other people tell you what you want. ~ Pat Riley

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:2 (New International Version)

Not long ago a very good friend who happens to be a teacher wrote me to say how distraught she was because one of her most promising students was being discouraged from cultivating her talents. The thing that was most disturbing to her was that the person who was discouraging this gifted student was her mother. The person who had given birth to this girl, couldn’t see just how talented and blessed this young lady truly was.

As we journey through this life, there will be times when others will try to discourage us, even those who profess to love us will try to discourage us from what it is we are supposed to do. Whether it’s to pursue a dream of being a writer, a musician, doctor, lawyer, or even a follower of Christ.

Sometimes, because of things that they may have encountered in their own past that snuffed out their dreams, or maybe because they didn’t have the strength or courage to follow their OWN chosen path, our loved ones will try to extinguish the fire that burns in all of us.

Even as I pursue my dream of being a Christian Author, there have been those who are closest to me who cannot see what I see in myself. I love the word of God. Most of all, I love sharing my talent of the written word with others.

Saints of God, don’t allow others to define who you are or what your talents are. If God has given you a gift, no matter what that gift may be, it is up to you to pursue your dreams. The world didn’t give you the gifts you posses, God did. It us up to you to cultivate that gift and follow your dreams.

In spite of!

Be Blessed

Father God, we come once again humbling ourselves before the throne of Grace. Lord, we know that we can do all things through Christ Jesus. It is because of Him, that we are who we are and do what we do. Abba, even when the world tries to define who I am, I recognize that I am a child of the Most High King. And because I belong to Him, I am set apart. Father, when others try to tell me that I can’t, help me always to be mindful of Your word that tells me I can. I can do all things through Christ Jesus; am more that a conqueror; I am the head and not the tail; I am above and not below. I am who I am, because God said I am. Glory Hallelujah, Praise God. Thank You Father for my gifts. Most of all thank You for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is in His name that we pray. Amen.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

What do you Really Want? by Jacqueline D. Moore

Prayer is not asking for what you think you want, but asking to be changed in ways you can't imagine. ~Kathleen Norris

What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don't they come from your desires that battle within you? You want something but don't get it. You kill and covet, but you cannot have what you want. You quarrel and fight. You do not have, because you do not ask God. When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures James 4:1-3
Saints, what is it you really want? When asked that question, some don't hesitate to say riches. Others would say a spouse, some say peace. And others still would say health. But what do you really want? How much do you really examine those things that you seek after.

"I want riches", until I saw riches couldn't buy happiness. "I want a spouse", until I saw that my spouse didn't treat me the way God wanted them to. "I want to work for myself", until I realized that I was a horrible employee and wanted to fire me.

You see, we all want something. Sometimes even we don't really know what it is we truly want. We just know that something is missing. Personally, I want a better relationship with God. You see, when you have a relationship with God, he will guide and direct you and tell you what you need. Not only that, "But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

So the next time you feel as though something is missing and you don't know what it is; try God, he can and will supply all that you need.

Be Blessed

Father, in the name of Jesus, I come before You. Spirit of Truth, Who comes from the Father, it is You Who guides me into all truth. According to 3 John 2, it is God’s will that I prosper in every way and that my body keeps well, even as my soul keeps well and prospers. One thing I ask of You, Lord, one thing will I seek after, inquire for and require, that I may dwell in Your presence all the days of my life, to behold and gaze upon Your beauty. Father, You have said, I will not in any way fail You nor give You up nor leave You without support. So I take comfort and am encouraged and confidently and boldly say that the Lord is my Helper. In the name of Jesus, I am strong and very courageous, that I may do according to all Your Word. I turn not from it to the right hand or to the left that I may prosper wherever I go. The Word of God shall not depart out of my mouth, but I shall meditate on it day and night. I hear therefore and am watchful to keep the instructions, the laws and precepts of my Lord God, that it may be well with me and that I may increase exceedingly, as the Lord God has promised me, in a land flowing with milk and honey. The Lord my God is one Lord — the only Lord. And I shall love the Lord my God with all my mind and heart. Jesus, You said that when I do this I will live — enjoy active, blessed, endless life in the Kingdom of God. Therefore, I will not worry or be anxious about what I am going to eat, or what I am going to have to drink or what I am going to have to wear. My heavenly Father knows that I need them all. But I purpose in my heart to seek for, aim at and strive after, first of all Your Kingdom, Lord, and Your righteousness. Now thanks be to You, Father for all of Your magnificent blessings. We come thanking You not only for what You have done, but also for what You are about to do in our lives. We love You Lord, we Thank You Lord. Blessed is the name of the Lord. Praise be to God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Praise God. Amen.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chasing the Wind by Jacqueline D. Moore

People spend a lifetime searching for happiness; Looking for peace. They chase idle dreams, addictions, religions, even other people, hoping to fill the emptiness that plaques them. The irony is the only place they ever needed to search was within. ~ Unknown

I, the Teacher, was king over Israel in Jerusalem. I devoted myself to study and to explore by wisdom all that is done under heaven. What a heavy burden God has laid on men! I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind. Ecclesiastes 1:12-14 (New International Version)

The book of Ecclesiastes teaches that us a life not centered on God is purposeless and meaningless. Today’s lesson is about how some people can begin to put too much emphasis on “stuff.”

Sometimes we are so busy chasing after money, success and concern over what other people think about us, that we start looking for satisfaction in all the wrong places. The things that we begin to believe are the most important things in life, are the very things that we begin to chase after.

When we chase after fame, fortune and the opinions of others we are essentially saying that we have total control of our lives and that we don’t trust in the plans that God has for us. This is not to say that obtaining certain things in life is wrong or that we should feel guilty about it, but rather realizing that the collecting of things will not necessarily lead them to the road of happiness. Recognizing what is really important; God, family, and friends are more important than things.

Learning to embrace where you are in life, is sometimes more important than embracing the things that fill our lives. Recognizing where you are in your spiritual walk is often more important than the journey. Learning to enjoy who you are is more important than trying to impress others.

Saints of God, having things is not the most important thing in life. Having God and people who love you is far more important than any material thing that you could ever have. Having peace of mind, body and spirit is something that you will be able to keep with you always.

The most important lesson that any of us could ever learn, is to put God first in everything and He becomes our windbreaker.

Be Blessed

Father God, we come before the throne of grace with praise and thanksgiving on our tongues and in our hearts. We come asking Lord, for peace that passes all understanding. We come asking for strength to stand in the face of adversity. But most of all, we come asking with humbled hearts and minds, that You would hear our prayers and our petitions. Master, we need You to speak to the winds of adversity that are blowing against us, peace be still. We come asking that You hold on to our hands and the storms of life toss us about. We come asking that You would hide us under the wings of Your salvation as the roaring lions draws near in an effort to devour us. Lord, we ask that You would keep all of our families, friends, co-workers and brothers and sisters in perfect peace this and everyday. Bless us right now in the name of Jesus. Our prayers are not complete until we let You know just how much we love You. Our prayers on not complete until we sing songs of praise to You alone. Lord, we lift Your name on high, we give You all of our love, all of our praise and sing songs of praise all the day long. Thank You Lord for one more day. Bless You Lord. Hallelujah, Praise God thank You Jesus, Amen.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Making the Right Choice by Jacqueline D. Moore

Sometimes God allows us to suffer the worst of it So that when the best shows up there’s no mistaking it. ~ John Christopher

This is what the LORD says— your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: "I am the LORD your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go. Isaiah 48:17 (New International Version)

I often talk about making choices. I learned a long time ago that for every choice that we make, there are consequences. The consequences can be either good or bad. Too often when we make a choice based on our own selfish desires, the consequences are rarely ever good.

As the mother of two sons, I would like to believe that I have taught my sons the things they need to know in order to make the right choices. However, I also realize in spite of everything I have attempted to teach them, that they will make some wrong choices. They sometimes still choose to do things their way, no matter what.

When my youngest son was in middle school, I remember an incident where he lost one of his privileges because of a bad choice that he made. He chose not to do his math homework, which resulted in him getting a bad grade. As his mother, it was up to me to show him that his choice was the wrong one. The same thing often happens to us in our adult lives as well. We choose to do something that we know is wrong, and as a result, we too must live with the consequences.

The word of God is life’s teaching tool that equips us so that we can make the right choices. However, it is still left up to us to actually do the right thing. As a parent, I try to direct my children to do what is best for them. Just as the word of God teaches us what is best for us.

Won’t you make the right choice today?

Be Blessed

Lord, Sometimes we act as little children, refusing to grow up in our faith and pouting over things that we cannot understand. Lord, I want to grow in grace and grow in faith. Lord, I am sorry for not being a more mature Christian. I am sorry for not acknowledging how much You do for me. Lord, I just want to thank You. Because just like we forgive our children and get over their temper tantrums, You forgive me and overlook my faults. Thank Lord. Father, I ask that You continue to touch my brothers and sisters in Christ. Grant them the desires of their hearts. Bless them as only You can. Thank You Father, Bless You Father. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Sometimes, We Can't Handle the Truth by Jacqueline D. Moore

You can bend it and twist it... You can misuse and abuse it... But even God cannot change the Truth. ~ Michael Levy

Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.  Psalm 25:5

Have you ever asked God a question, but didn’t like His answer?  Have you ever asked Him to give you a spirit of discernment, but didn’t like what was revealed?  Have you ever asked God to show you someone’s heart and then regretted it?

We often ask God to do things on our behalf and then become angry with the results.  We become angry because even though we want God to move in support of us, we want what we want even if it’s not what God wants for us. We want Him to confirm our decisions, even when we make the wrong ones.  We want our choices to be definitive, even as the world around us begins to crumble because our decisions were not in God’s will.

I found the above quote to be most interesting because I have always been taught that God can change anything, anybody or any situation.  At first glance, this quote would appear to challenge that line of thinking.  However, when we study His word we learn that He cannot lie.  In other words, the truth, fact or reality of our situations cannot be altered simply because we want it to be so.  Things that we do or say that are contrary to God’s word, His teachings or His will will not be changed simply because we asked.

In other words, God cannot lie to or for His children.  So before you ask God the question, be prepared for His answer.

Be Blessed

Father God, we come before the throne of grace with bowed heads and humbled hearts.  Lord, forgive us for being stiff necked and reacting contrary to Your teachings.  Forgive us Lord, for sometimes going against Your will and Your word.  Help us Father, to be still and accept that there are things in our lives that shouldn’t be there.  There are people in our lives that shouldn’t be there.  There are things that we do and say, that are not pleasing to You.  Lord, help us to accept Your truths and dwell in Your word.  Help us Lord, to be still and listen for Your still small voice and when we hear it, accept those things You are revealing to us.  Have mercy on us Lord.  Lord, we love You even in our chastisements.  We magnify and uplift Your name because You are Sovereign.  We love You because You love us more than words could ever express.  We submit our prayers in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ.  Amen.