Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Serving Justice Excerpt


"No, that’s not possible. He couldn’t be dead. He’s not supposed to be dead. Oh my God, what have I done? How could God have allowed this to happen?"

With those last words, Angie’s world went black and she fell to her knees. All three of her friends went right down with her. They all surrounded their friend, crying with her and taking on Angie’s pain as if it were their own. "Angie, forgive me I didn’t want to hurt you like this. I wish I could take it all back and make it go away. I’m so very, very sorry," Rhonda whispered through her tears.

"What am I supposed to do? How will I ever be able to tell Tony? I will never be able to face him. It’s over. He will never be able to forgive me. Tell me what to do. I don’t know what to do."
Angie’s cries were like that of a wounded animal. She couldn’t be consoled. There was nothing her friends could do to stop Angie’s cries; to alleviate her sorrow. They tried but couldn’t get her to get up off the floor. They were afraid that if they didn’t do something soon, the restaurant’s employees might call the police.

"Angie, you have got to get a hold of yourself. Someone may call the police. We will work this out. We won’t let you go through this alone. We will be there for you and do everything that we can to help you get through this but you must help us. Come on let’s get you up off the floor, please!"
The friends let Angie cry until she was all cried out. They decided that she shouldn’t be left alone tonight and determined that Theresa would be the best person to stay with her. None of them had an appetite and were certain it was time for them all to go home.

As they stood outside in the crisp night air, it seemed to have a calming effect on Angie. She had finally stopped crying and stood there lost in her own world of anguish. They were able to hail a cab and Theresa helped Angie into the car and rode home with her.

"Theresa, tell me, was there something that I could have done to prevent this? I mean, what did I do that was so bad other than try to do my job. He didn’t deserve what I did to him."
"It is not for us to understand why God allows certain things to happen. Everyone is here for a time and a season. Unfortunately, he lost his way and there was no one there to help him find it again," Theresa consoled.

"There is a price for everything that we obtain in life. So often that price is total submission to the will of God. He will often allow adversity to come into our lives just so he can show up and show out. Won’t you trust him, please?"
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