Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In Her Words: Lorraine Elzia on "Ask Nicely and I Might"

"Every woman in a relationship has thought about it from time to time--that moment when you snap and do the unthinkable. Instead of running away from it and pretending it does not exist, I thought it would be stimulating to look inside the mind of a woman who kills, purely for the enjoyment and the thrill." ~ Lorraine Elzia


The Feel of Blood

I can feel the mist hitting my face like fine piss-ant rain. Irritating, yet invigoratingly refreshing just the same. In retrospect, I have to admit that the events of my here and now are morbid, to say the least. Especially given the fact that the mist which is actually hitting my face is in the form of the warm blood of my husband, squirting in spurts from the small, pin-size puncture wound I have inflicted into his temple as I lay next to him in bed. Yet, I lay here unfazed.
Poor sucker. I almost feel pity for his sorry ass. Almost. I know Carl never saw it coming. Although he had been asking for it for years, I could tell that he was blind and clueless to the fact that one day I would finally give the useless bastard what he unknowingly cultivated over time--my contempt and my rage. Our marriage, if you can call it that, has been a never-ending cycle of him taunting me, arrogantly calling my bluff as if I were too much of a punk to react. He had been begging me, through his actions, to show him the fabric of what I’m made of. Cockingly inquiring if I had a backbone made of steel. He further mocked the saying, “beware of a woman scorned” and whether that saying had any merit in regards to me.

He had been provoking me day after day, begging me through his abuse to take a stand; yet I had known, deep in the back of his mind, he never thought I could or ever would. I have contemplated his death for years, it has always been in the suitcase of my mind, waiting for me to open it and use its contents. Each snide comment uttered from his lips, lead me to the place I’m at now of wanting him dead. I have no fear of being without him. To be honest, I welcome the relief my life would sustain simply from him not being around.

“He’s a good catch.” Others said when we first got together. But that was their view from the outside looking in. They did not live my daily hell or experience my constant pain. In the beginning, Carl kept his fronts up, giving the impression of a good husband and provider. But over the years, all that changed and his true colors were eventually shown. He could care less about being my man, my provider, or my soul mate. He cared more about breaking me down, bit by bit, training me, forcing me to succumb to his rules and his ways. Each day he was more successful than the day before at doing it. But I was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode; a fact that Carl seemed not to pay much attention to. He was too busy playing Commander-in-Chief to recognize. His mistake, not mine.


A twisted game of bewildering intrigue proves positive that six degrees of separation bridge the gap between the sane and the insane.

Alex Carlysle is a savvy homicide detective highly respected among her peers and on the fast track to make Captain. When her lover becomes the latest victim in a series of brutal murders, the investigation of the killings becomes personal for her. Not only has she lost the only man who ever understood her, but also catching the killer could be the break she has been waiting for concerning her career.

Jade, on the other hand, resides on the opposite side of the law, abiding by a different set of rules - its Jade's way, or no way. Instead of enforcing the law, she is the thorn in its side. Motivated by an urge for revenge, she is a sexy enigma of a serial killer who taunts the police just for the pleasure of it while devouring her prey in the process.

As the hunter becomes the hunted, two women, both at the top of their game, are destined for a massive head-on collision with each other. But the thrill of pursuit is not the only tie that binds them; they are also both driven by blood shed and a chain of circumstances that began in the subconscious mind.
Ask Nicely and I Might is a racy thriller - fast, furious, and filled with sexy suspense. A wicked game of cat and mouse where time is rapidly running out and with the hunter and hunted lives on the line, they have everything to fight for . . . and everything to lose.
Lorraine Elzia is an Author, Ghostwriter, Literary Artist and the 2009 African American Literary Show Break Out Author of the year. Lorraine has always had an admiration for the written word and has exercised her God-given talent for story telling in various venues.

"Mistress Memoirs" is the debut novel for Lorraine, who has espoused the name A Deeva, and often writes under that pseudonym. She is a contributing author in "Chicken Soup for the Single Parent´s Soul"; "Chicken Soup for the African American Woman´s Soul"; the "Ka´trina Anthology, Surfacing...Phenomenal Women on Passion, Politics & Purpose"; "Gumbo for the Soul" and "The Triumph of My Soul Anthology."

Lorraine is Co-Owner of Eve´s Literary Services; contributing Editor for the "Gumbo for the Soul" series; and Co-Moderator of Essentially Women, a writing group for African American women. She is from Austin, Texas, by way of Motown (Detroit, Michigan) and it is her desire that through the written word delivered in different genres, she will be able to inspire and motivate others to see the beauty that resides within all people.

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